Exit Strategies & Transition Planning

Mergers & Acquisition Advisory

Our experienced advisory team is exceptionally thorough in regards to the processes associated with mergers and acquisitions. We assist companies and their external counsel with vital financial decisions by delivering valuable insight that reduces unexpected risks. Our associates work with you to develop solutions to the unique issues your Company may face before, during and after the M&A process.

Is your Company ready for a sale or recapitalization event? Do you need to improve parts of your Company to be a viable candidate for a Private Equity purchase or investment? Let our team help.

We work with you by:

  • Taking steps to stabilize the company financially or operationally
  • Managing cash and identifying ways to generate liquidity
  • Identify areas of cost saving to increase EBITDA, thereby increasing potential sale multiples
  • Preparing the company for sale to a private equity group or other investor groups
  • Aligning management and functions to operate independently
  • Streamlining operations as needed
  • Documentation collection and control
  • Preparing cash-flow and operational projections
  • Preparing due diligence packages
  • Providing sell side due diligence services

Exit & Transition Planning and Implementation

Your goal is to run a successful business by accumulating assets and building a structure with profit potential. An exit strategy is designed to help you sell the business on your terms, sell the assets of the business, merge it with another business, or sell shares in the business publically. Exit planning is the creation of a comprehensive plan to allow a business owner to successfully exit a privately held business. An exit plan covers all of the business, personal, financial, legal, and tax questions involved in selling a privately owned business. A good exit plan can be complex and usually requires advice from a number of different specialties. Some entrepreneurs exit the business for reasons other than wealth, retirement, or the desire to pursue other goals. Death, disability, family circumstances, and divorce from partners sometimes lead to an early exit. Without an exit plan, entrepreneurs who want a favorable outcome for everyone, may find that their exit is other than what they wanted it to be.

A well-designed and implemented exit plan enables business owners to:

  • Control how and when they exit
  • Maximize company value despite any current circumstance
  • Minimize, defer, or eliminate capital gains taxes
  • Retain control by generating a number of strategic exit options
  • Ensure they achieve all their business and personal goals
  • Reduce the stress that arises from this process
  • Ensure continuity of the business




“Let us be your Quarterback!  We will drive the process so your team can focus on running the business!”

Our Engagement Partners include Certified Business Exit Consultants (CBEC) with advanced degrees and a minimum of 15 years executive management experience.